Point Wells Hall available for hire for your Birthday,  Anniversary Party, Wedding or any function 

  • large hall
  • fully equipped kitchen
  • dishwasher
  • multiple toilets including disabled
  • limited street parking
  • tables and chairs
  • cutlery, crockery and linen
  • heat pumps

Point Wells Hall Charges

Community Group or Activity - not for profit e.g. Mainly Music, Bowls, Art or Craft group, Garden Club - $10 per hour

Community Business -  offering a paid service to the community - e.g Dance Classes, Exercise Classes, Art Classes - $20 per hour

Point Wells Community Member - Private Daytime Function Hire - e.g. Children’s birthday party, afternoon tea party, reunion - $20.00 per hour, plus refundable cleaning bond of $80.

Non Community Member - Private Daytime Function Hire - As above but $25 per hour

Private Evening Hire Business or evening function at the discretion of the committee. - $30.00 per hour (community member or friend or relative thereof) Deposit $100. Bond $500

Contact: Ellie Greer 0274 788 688



Conditions of Casual or Weekly Hire

Please ensure the following at the end of your session.

Kitchen, bathrooms and toilets are clean and tidy.

All rubbish is removed from the premises.

Floor swept if necessary.

All windows and doors are closed and secured.

Key returned to point of pick up.


Point Wells Hall Conditions of Hire 

1.Health and Safety 

  • It is the Hirer’s responsibility to make themselves familiar with the Auckland Council Health and Safety Emergency flip chart (situated on the kitchen wall) with instructions on evacuation procedures.
  • The Hirer is responsible to assign and instruct a fire warden for the event. The assigned fire warden must ensure that all emergency exits remain clear at all times during the event and that there is no interference with smoke detectors or fire extinguishers.
  • In the event of fire Dial 111 the building must be vacated immediately to a gathering point outside the store (opposite the Hall) or further away if deemed necessary.
  • In the event of an earthquake or tsunami warning (long, loud continuous siren) all people are to leave the Point Wells area immediately via the road they entered.
  • The hirer must report any wiring, appliance malfunctions, maintenance issues or other hazards to the custodian immediately, and also to the Auckland Council  by calling 09 301 0101.
  • The Hirer must ensure that access and regress for residents and emergency vehicles is available at all times.
  • Spills are to be wiped up immediately. Mop is in the labelled cleaning cupboard.
  • A first aid kit is available in the kitchen.
  • The Hall Committee reserves the right to cancel a booking at any time in the event of circumstances outside its control (such as major weather events or damage to the building).
  1. To confirm the booking, a deposit of $100 or the hall hire fee, whichever is less, to be paid into PWCRA Hall bank account. There will be a full refund if cancelled at least six weeks prior to the event, 50% thereafter. One week prior to the event, hirer pays remaining hall hire fee, if applicable, and $500 bond.
  2. After the event, hall to be inspected by custodian and Hirer refunded all, part or none of the bond as determined by condition of hall.
  3. No staples, drawing pins, nails, tape or paint to be applied to interior walls.
  4. Absolutely NO  SMOKING, no candles, no open flames or dry ice is permitted in the Hall at any time.
  5. Hall to be cleaned according to the following instructions:

Kitchen - dishes washed and put away, benches and cupboard doors spray cleaned, ovens cleaned, dishwasher emptied, fridge wiped clean, floors swept and washed, ALL rubbish removed.

Bathroom - basins and toilets spray cleaned and wiped, baskets emptied, floors washed.

Main hall area - floor swept and washed.

Entrance lobby - floor swept and washed.

Disability bathroom - toilet and basin spray cleaned, floor swept and washed, basket emptied.

Outside areas / Front Entrance / Back Deck - swept and cleared of cigarette butts, tops, glass, any rubbish.

Removal of all rubbish accumulated during period of hire.

  1. The sale of liquor requires a Special License from the Auckland Council’s Licensing Department. This special license must be obtained at least 30 working days prior to the event by accessing www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz or telephoning 0800 426 5169.
  2. Evening functions to end by 11pm and premises vacated by midnight. The Hall is to be vacated AND cleaned by the finishing time. Where prior agreement is obtained, cleaning may take place by 11:00am the following day. A cleaning fee of $80 may be deducted from the bond if deemed necessary by the custodian/s.
  3. Subletting is not permitted.
  4. Any expenses incurred by the Hall Committee due to non-fulfilment of any conditions may be deducted from the bond and/or the costs born in total by the Hirer. Should the bond be insufficient to cover the cost of damage or replacement, additional charges will be levied against the Hirer.
  5. All bookings are at the discretion of the Hall Committee and may be limited to those living within the Point Wells area and their friends or relatives. A contact address and phone number is required.

I agree to abide by the above conditions of hire.

Signed  ______________________________________________ Hirer

Address  _______________________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number ________________________________________

Date of Event  ____________________________   Type of Event __________________________________________