Point Wells Village Centre

Brian Plowman

The PWCRA committee are of the view that our village centre is in need of an upgrade especially as we are to take over the running of the hall on 1 April 2018.  It is therefore timely that we begin the conversation about what should be incorporated in the village centre upgrade with the village residents.

We want to determine what upgrade works would meet their needs, be appropriate and cater for a wide range of resident age groups.

Residents are extremely positive and have agreed to the implantation of traffic calming, street enhancements, designation of shared use of the village lanes and roads that are contained in the Bevan Woodward report.  The committee are currently awaiting AT approval to this plan.  The village centre upgrade concept plan is a timely addition to Bevan’s plans.

The space/area in question would be focused on the village green and Point Wells in the south from Riverside Drive and to the north to the end of the tennis courts.

The committee engaged local resident Garth Falconer to Reset Urban Design to develop a concept plan for this area and that plan.

The essential concepts of this design are:

  • To help calm the speed of vehicle transitioning this space by the use of additional planting and visual road surface painting.
  • Relocate the existing children’s playground next to the new playground.
  • Provide a shaded area with a communal table for people to sit and supervise children using the playground equipment (already installed).
  • Add a new community notice board noting that you are entering the village centre and strategically relocate the existing communal notice board further into the playground area on a new footpath.
  • Remove the bollards and chain thereby encouraging people to move into the area beyond the road.
  • Widen the access beside the library to allow off street parking and easier access to the village green.
  • Upgrade the tennis court fencing and add a second court.
  • Permanent location of bike racks where appropriate.
  • Upgrade and widen the footpath and incorporate vehicle wheel stops outside the General Store.
  • Upgrade the planted area beside the General Store.