Welcome to the Point Wells Village website – serving the community.

Point Wells Village describes itself as “The garden village of Rodney”.  For those who take the plunge and live here they soon realise how that name came about.  The soil – it will grow anything, which is how our “tagline” came about.

The Point was originally all farmland, but in 1947 Mr Wells subdivided his 50 acres into ¼ acre sections which were priced at 50 Pounds each, although sales were rather slow for quite some time. He put in the roads which were not sealed, but at least provided the beginning of the layout of the village. In the 1960’s the Point Wells shop was open for business and run by the Armstrongs.

Fifty pounds in 1947 is roughly equivalent to $3,500 now.  My – how times have changed.

Point Wells village is well situated close to Omaha Beach with its beautiful long white sandy sweep, Matakana Village with the Saturday market, a fine selection of restaurants, boutique shops and the magnificent Matakana Cinemas and cycle tracks.  Not far away is the Tawharanui Regional Park and the fishing village of Leigh.

As a place to live, Point Wells is quite special, in that some 80% of the houses are permanently occupied, and the rich peat soil yields gardens, most of which remain hidden down long drives from the road, that grow almost anything including citrus, banana, pawpaw and many tropical palms.

Because the community is largely residential and has been for decades, a strong community exists in Point Wells.  It runs its own quarterly newspaper, hall, library, sports club, monthly pot luck dinner (Connoisseurs Club), bowling and croquet clubs, garden club, General Store and Cafe and a number of other groups and activities for people from 9 months to 90 years.

A warm welcome awaits all visitors and new residents who wish to integrate with the community.