The library was established in the late 1950's in a corner of the community hall with the initial stock of books donated by residents.

In 1979 a new extension to the hall was added and the library moved in and is still there today.

Original membership was 25 people, all located within the village boundaries. Today membership is in excess of 200 households including a significant number from neighbouring areas.

The range and number of titles has increased substantially with close to 6000 books now available, comprising a selection from picture books through to young adult, together with a large range of adult fiction and non fiction. A variety of magazines, jigsaw puzzles and DVD's are also available.

The library is totally independent and is open to persons of all ages with no joining fee. All books are owned by the library and it is staffed by a group of 26 volunteers.

Opening times are on various days during the week to accommodate all borrowers:

Monday night 7pm - 8pm
Wednesday morning 10am - 12pm
Friday afternoon 3pm - 5pm
Saturday morning 10am - 12pm

Junior Club for pre-school readers is held every second Friday from 9.30am to 10.30am.

A Book Club, which is currently full, meets once a month.   If you wish to organise a book club of you own please contact the library during opening hours.